Digital marketing is a backbone to all types of industries to improve business growth, performance and return on investment. Digital marketing also needs to adopt advanced technologies to give more valuable growth to businesses. Using Artificial intelligence in digital marketing makes it more effective and accurate in the coming days. Artificial intelligence is the ability to look deeply into data collected by the organization through various means, find patterns in the data, and finally predict possible outcomes. Data is more important for a digital marketing strategy. And, Artificial Intelligence that needs volumes of data can enhance the digital marketing strategy and could provide best returns on investment for organizations.

6 ways artificial intelligence can help digital marketing to be more effective:

Artificial intelligence in digital marketing helps in generating user-friendly content

Artificial-intelligence-in-digital-marketing-Content-marketingContent is the king in the digital marketing strategy. If the content is more relevant to the user, then the user can frequently visit the website and more likely to convert and become a customer for the business. To generate successful user-friendly content in digital marketing, there is a need to get some valuable data related to buyers persona. And, Artificial intelligence helps in collecting such insightful data by using the metrics like user location, historical data, and past user behavior. This data can help digital marketing in planning a content marketing strategy to build a successful brand for businesses.

Artificial intelligence in digital marketing helps in better user engagement

Artificial-intelligence-in-digital-marketing-Conversational-botsSocial media is the most appropriate channel for user engagement. Organizations can engage with users through different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Every social media channel facilitates a network of user connections. The users can ask different queries on each social media channel. Engaging users of these channels who could be potential buyers by addressing their queries is a humongous task for marketing/pre-sales teams in any organization. In such scenarios, AI chatbots could help in engaging users for a better and quick response. Also, organizations can use chatbots on their respective websites to engage with site visitors more effectively.

Chatbots are more effective in providing just-in-time responses to the queries raised by users and can engage with the users 24*7.

Since the responses provided by these chatbots are impersonal, they could be deployed in those service areas where objectivity in a user conversation is highly needed.

Also, chatbots are highly scalable and can engage with many users at a time and can quickly respond to their queries. With better engagement, conversation ratios could increase considerably.

Since, AI powered chatbots can provide instant responses, the waiting time for the users is greatly reduced.

Successful engagement with users and channeling them into a sales funnel is one of the most important element in any digital marketing strategy.

Voice search will be the upcoming trend in the near future

Voice based searchDigital marketers need to think about voice search optimization for websites. Already the digital marketers are doing text-based search optimization and also they have to plan for voice-based search optimization.

Identify the user voice search queries for your brand and create the pages according to voice search conversations. Generally, the voice search conversations start with how, why, where, what, when, and who. So the digital marketers should optimize the website according to the voice search queries posed by the users.

Moreover, in the near future, a search engine long-tail keywords may be replaced with conversational keywords. Now-a-days, people are running hectic schedules and seems to be preferring tools with voice interface, like Amazon Echo/Alexa.

Predictive Analytics

APredictive analyticsrtificial intelligence can help digital marketers in predicting future outcomes, which can be further used to do planning of digital marketing more effectively. Marketing campaigns can use predictive analytics (start with Google Analytics) and can nurture the campaigns more effectively, thereby helping organizations get good returns on investment.

AI powered predictive analytics can provide better customer insights and based on this information, digital marketers can nurture the campaign leads into quality conversions.

Personalized website experience for every prospect

In recent times, people are looking for comfort zones. According to their respective interests or preferences, Artificial Intelligence can personalize the website experience based on their demography, location, and interests. AI can facilitate a better user experience (UX) to the customers. It is one of the great marketing strategies to gain more conversions from the website.

AI powerred search ads

AI powered search adsArtificial intelligence can boost search advertisements more effectively. Search advertising has a large amount of data from keywords and other sources like demography, geolocation, age, device, time and more metrics. This voluminous data is very complex for an individual digital marketer to analyse and take accurate decisions. So Artificial Intelligence can analyze this data brilliantly and can give meaningful and effective insights to the digital marketer.

AI plays a big role in the ad campaign strategy. AI can automate the campaigns depending upon the data and can suggest when to pause the ad and when to activate the ad. Ad automation is more effective in the coming future and thereby, makes digital markers job roles more effective.

Email marketing automation

Email marketing automationEmail marketing automation is one of the great digital marketing strategies for converting prospects into the sales funnel at the most economical cost to the organization when compared to other marketing channels. Email marketing automation can channelize potential customers to the organization’s website and social media channels. If the users subscribe through a website or a social media channel, the users can enter into the Sales funnel. Once the user enters into Sales funnel, a precision marketing automation strategy could further help the digital marketers in finally converting to a successful sale. Email marketing automation can make digital marketer’s jobs more valuable than before.

In the coming future, Artificial Intelligence will certainly play a vital role in digital marketing. It could make digital marketing to be more effective and valuable for an organization. Using Artificial Intelligence, digital marketers can perform their job more efficiently and can possibly outsmart competition with strong marketing strategies.

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