Technology keeps us inspiring every day by adding convenience to our lives. Digital platforms have changed the buying scenario where customers focus on more personalized, seamless experiences with quick responses and 24/7 interaction. Today machines, mobile apps, software and several algorithms understand what we speak and respond in the same language. These machines can even understand human emotions and provide solutions to various issues. All thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), machines can analyze and interpret extensive amount of data within seconds and predict future prospects.

Data Analytics & Intelligence are enhancing several business processes and promoting more customized experiences to the customers. AI eases human efforts and surpasses the human ability to do certain tasks working on complex functions enabling automation across business areas.

Need for Omni-channel in eCommerce:

Omni-channel is a term widely used in eCommerce today as they want to create more streamlined and connected buying experiences across both offline and online channels. The Omni-channel approach allows businesses to empower sales practices by offering more flexibility to customers so that they can engage with the brand according to their preferences. The role of Omni-channel approach is to provide a seamless experience across various channels thereby reducing time on routine tasks.

Some reasons why businesses are choosing Omni-channel approach:

  • Today’s customers expect a flawless experience across all channels
  • Businesses believe that an Omni-channel approach will help them in uplifting customer satisfaction levels
  • Helps in gaining competitive edge over other businesses
  • Offers improved inventory planning

The future of eCommerce depends upon technology driven intelligent processes where AI plays a vital role in making them smart, super-fast, and personalized. The objective of Artificial Intelligence-based systems is to create machines which have both reason and problem-solving skills. AI can efficiently support right decision-making, empower and maneuver sales representatives. Now they know what, when and how to sell. Significantly, sales solutions that make use of AI implement problem-solving techniques and knowledge growth on a scale difficult by humans.


E-Commerce businesses have leveraged AI-powered tools to create personalized services and customer experiences that are created by using customer details like names, gender, demographic information, last search, preferences, most viewed etc. Effective selling requires intense research that can be time taking, but AI makes it simple as it collects all the data segregates it, analyses it and does all the research in minutes. AI also offers predictive analysis wherein wholesalers can determine potential customers and their preferences and design more value-added services around these choices.

Super-fast delivery and Quick response time

Customers expect deliveries in time; they can’t wait longer for their products to reach their doorstep. This makes wholesalers stay on toes all the time and design services that promise super-fast delivery. Soon we will see day’s when one-day delivery would be history and customers would be expecting the products in a few hours. AI will provide automation capabilities that will allow data visibility across the entire supply chain for better decision-making.

Similarly, buyers also need quick response or information for the query they have asked. A buyer can be from any corner of the world, which means you need to work 24/7 and stay alert. Humans may not be able to achieve this, but AI chatbot can. Recently, one of the Google assistants booked a haircut appointment at one of the local salons. Soon we will see days where we need to say a word to our phones/devices, and it shall do everything. The customer needs to have confidence in your brand that you are there for them 24/7 and can answer all there queries whenever they want.

Need for knowledge powered solutions

Apps can make the work faster, ease the processes, but intelligent apps help in connecting all the data point and derive meaningful insights out of it. Sales solutions that are based on AI technology will enhance a brand’s productivity, makes decision-making faster, drive transparency and collaboration inside the organization, and combine all other functions and leads to higher productivity.

Changing technology with changing customer requirements

You never know what a customer wants at a specific time. His/her needs keep on changing, and businesses need to keep an eye on the changing requirements of the customers. Today, the buyer category comprises of young generations who are digital natives and look for exceptional experiences on their personal devices. Creating a technology-driven and a device-specific customer experience will allow brands to stand out in the competitive market.

Machines can now think and learn

All thanks to AI, machines can now think and learn automatically. The ability to think and learn is influencing the personalization of customer experiences. Now machines can define user intent in search engines, help in identifying relevant product suggestions, displays relevant ads, provide website optimization and much more.

AI assists in the sales planning and post-sales support

One of the most robust relationships in a business is the relationship between a buyer and a seller. Buyers usually have a feeling of left out once the sale is over, and they believe that brands don’t maintain a post-sales support. AI-powered systems and solutions will help customer service teams to automatically provide solutions to customers and offer a commitment to efficient post-sales support building trust among the brand and customers.

Buyers often look for enhanced search results on a website; they need to see rating and review of the products/services, require better recommendations, and look for better integration with pay networks. You can now understand how AI-enabled systems/tools will perform all the functions in one go.

Customers have more power today, and they are the ones who rule the market. Businesses need to customize their products/services according to the customers. Brands need to be up-to-date with the latest trends and equipped with latest AI-driven platforms to make their selling faster, personalized, and on time. AI is here to transform the eCommerce industry with better process automation, enhanced customer engagement, assist in designing new revenue models and anticipate customer needs by using real-time data. AI-based sales solutions aren’t the future but present! Achieve better results with AI-driven platforms.

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