How Can AI Increase The Efficiency Of Marketing Operations

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, the marketing operations space is evolving everyday. It is typical that marketers focus on creating campaigns that are customer oriented and technology based. Artificial Intelligence technology can be used to create targeted marketing campaigns, in addition to helping the marketing team make informed decisions through Data Analytics.

To perform all kinds of marketing operations a marketer needs to conduct research on consumer behaviour and collate lots of data from the assorted research tools, like, Field Surveys, In-depth Interviews and Focus Group studies etc.. The collated data is used to train and build Machine Learning models that could be used to do predictive Analytics on critical marketing variables like understanding buyer persona, forecasting sales etc..


Understand your customers like never before

Artificial Intelligence helps in segregating the customers into different personas and understands their requirements exactly. Porxzar - understand your customers like never beforeIt helps in tracking customer movement and to know customer behavior. By understanding the customer well, marketers can easily create long-lasting relationships with their customers. Using Artificial Intelligence in marketing also helps in grouping similar customers into categories so that marketers can send targeted campaigns to specific customers depending upon their behaviours. Marketers can now send personalized messages and interact with customers on one-on-one basis. Saffron, a tool designed by a division of Intel, is an AI system that combines machine learning and human intelligence and helps us to understand customers better.

Netflix, allows users to view programs as per their choice. It also prompts “You may also like” which uses AI to segregate and feature content based on customer interests.


Data Analysis has become more in-depth & accurate

Extracting meaningful information from volumes of data was difficult earlier, but with AI, collection, segregation, and processing Proxzar - Using Natural Language Interface in Data Analysisof data has become easier and more accurate. AI also helps in predicting marketing outcomes by analysing past data with the present customer behavior. This predictive AI-based data analysis further allows marketers to create more accurate marketing campaigns. Researches say AI isn’t 100% true, but it surely helps in forecasting data that can be used for future campaigns.


Streamline Marketing Operations

Proxzar - Streamline marketing operations using Artificial Intelligence

With ever-increasing competition, marketers need to be on the same pace with the audience. Hence, they need to create campaigns that are appealing, engaging and focusing on the needs of their audience. Deep learning, which is part of AI that uses volumes of data to build predictive models is making it easier for marketers to create smarter campaigns for targeted customers. Apart from this, Process Automation with regards to automated emails, use of templates, automated tracking helps marketers to stay ahead of the crowd.


Conversational UX for engaging with customers

Proxzar - Conversational UX for engaging with customersUsing Natural Language Interfaces (NLIs) and Voice Assistants (VAs) like, Google HOME or Amazon Alexa, more and more organizations are engaging with their customers to automate some of their after-market sales and service operations. Eventually, these organizations are planning to deploy natural language interfaces in their pre-sales activities.


Artificial Intelligence & Social Media

Marketers can make use of AI on their Social Media Platforms – like Messenger Bot to pro-actively engage with their followers. Also, marketers can create a more personalized UX campaigns. Artificial Intelligence in Social MediaFor example, using Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), an AI-based feature, brands can now create photorealistic images, logos, voice generation and images from sketches and post on social media in real-time.


Chatbots or Conversational Bots

Proxzar - Conversational botsConversational bots in marketing that are accessed using natural language interface attempt to mimic human intelligence. By using open chatbot development platforms, marketers can create simple Chatbots that could be deployed in marketing automation tools. Further, they can be used to engage with customers 24/7 and answer all their queries.


Dynamic Pricing

Today, customers are attracted to discounts, offers, and freebies. These sales or offers allow customers to buy products for lower Using Artificial Intelligence for Dynamic pricingvalue which means customers are happy, but you are not – because low pricing can hit your bottom lines. Using  Artificial Intelligence, you can create a propensity model through which you can create dynamic pricing, whereby you can still gain profits while giving your customers the best offers.

The best example of AI powered dynamic pricing is the e-commerce site – Amazon that uses cookies to determine customers socio-economic status and then decides the pricing.

Retargeting with AI

Retargeting marketing using Artificial IntelligenceDon’t miss your customers in the competition. Artificial Intelligence has made re-targeting simple by helping brands to bring their customers back based on their historical data. AI can assist in creating personalized and targeted ads based on customer interests & searches.


In conclusion, AI has several benefits that will help increase the efficiency of Marketing operations. Some brands, like:

  • Google – uses AI for personalised searches (voice, maps, etc)
  • SEPHORA – gives beauty advices through its Chatbots
  • Starbucks – allows users to place orders through Alexa
  • Facebook – Uses AI to stop fake news, recognizes images, uses AI in messenger
  • SPOTIFY – uses AI to segregate music according to customer interests and plays accordingly
  • LEVI’S – has its own virtual stylist that allows users to find a perfect fitting dress.

These brands have already invested in AI and have been successful in running various campaigns and reaching customers in a better way.

Many others have started experimenting with AI-powered tools to create an engaging and delightful customer experience that Artificial Intelligence technology can offer through mass customization.


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